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SUBJECT : Press Release
NO : 8 Writer : ADMIN  Date : 2009-08-04 23:24:17

Labcconte USA snail cream (caracol cream)

By labcconteusa   United States of America   	    Contact publisher via email

Medical: DermatologyAugust 5, 2009 

Labcconte USA Snail Cream is now available in the US market through the web site at No more Wrinkles. No more acne and scar. See results in 1 week with our 
amazing snail extracts! 


( August 5, 2009 --
Labcconte snail creams are finally available exclusively on the website at
The interest in snails began when the workers at the gastronomic snails farm in France had found 
their hands were getting smoother and brighter. The top physicians and scientists from Labcconte 
Laboratory began to research and experiment, hey soon discovered the snail's slime holds an 
astonishing power to heal, regenerate and protect the skin. The snail's slime contains allantoine, 
collagen, elastin, glycolic acid and natural antibiotics to convert damaged tissue into healthier skin. 
After years of research and development, Labcconte launched their line of products, which are now 
distributed internationally including Australia, France, Brazil, South Korea, and more. 
Our first and most important matter that we have investigated and developed is the snail slime, 
which is best known for its remedial and regenerative skills when used on the skin. To guarantee 
the snail secretion's purity and quality, Labcconte uses its own hatchery of snails. Because we own 
and operate our own snail farm, we are able to extract the snail slime without doing any harm to 
the snanails. Our biggest interest is to protect your skin by using the best natural active ingredients 
with the highest level of scientific research.
Labcconte products contain the highest percentage of snail slime than all other snail cream products 
currently on the market. For instance, the Repairing & Antispot snail Gel contains 95% of snail 

We are new to the U.S. market and currently looking for distributors throughout the U.S. 


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