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[ better than the cream ]      Lanen     
I have combination type of skin and I personally like the gel better. It absorbs better and it makes my skin softer after using it. It gives fresh look and tightens pores. It is little expensive but I would spend money on facial product because Il use it directly on my skin.
[ 5 stars ]      Olivia      
Definitely would recommend to a friend. In Asia, this is super popular and it's so true. love love love Labcconte products. my skin feels cool after using it, and with continuously use, blemishes are visibly diminishing. excellent performance.
[ It keeps my pores from plugging up and dries up the acne ]      Susan     
I apply it in the morning and in the evening. It started to heal the spots on my face over night. keeps my pores from plugging up,and dries up the acne, without over drying. price is also not bad.
[ Excellent product ]      Kara     
This really makes my skin smooth and natural! As I apply this gel on my face it tightens my skin and gives fresh look. I use this with different moisturizer and it is definately on my list for everyday basic skincare products.
[ GOOD! ]      Sungwan     
I've read great reviews on these snail products and I must say, I like them too!! Thank you Labcconte for the great products!
[ ]      Jian     
I bought the combination for men. The bottle of Nourishing Snail Cream is big, when i opened the bottle, over half of the bottle is empty. I am really doubt about whether is it enough for 40ml. and the bottle of premium reparing antispot snail gel is not transparent, when i knocked the bottle, it sounds not full again.
[ Excellent gift from my mom ]      Lindly Dans     
I was given your products as a gift awhile back and just ordered another set the other day. I just wanted you to know that I love them so much that I posted it on an online forum (thousands of members) that I am a long standing member of. I only wish I found you sooner! Thank you so much!!
[ Great! ]      Joseph     
This is awsome. I difinately like this product. I recommend this to anyone who just want to have great skin. This makes my skin look so fresh.
[ Results after 3 weeks ]      Julia R S     
It came in the mail after 2 days I ordered, however I was not crazy about it becausse I did not feel that it was doing anything. All of a sudden at the 3 week mark my skin looked amazing. A few people have asked me what I have done. MY SKIN LOOKS GREAT!!!! I am very pleased with it and if you get it give it some time to work. Most products that I buy work great at first and then the seem to lose there effectivness, not this it works in about 3 weeks and keeps looking better every day.
[ I'm buying it again!!! ]      Britney Collin     
This made huge difference for my face. I used it for almost two month and I came to buy it again!! My skin is so much better that everyone notice. This is just low cost investment for my skin since I don't need to do any laser or peeling that cost too much! LOL
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